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Songs from

Wonder Boy at Joe's Pub

Produced in association with Musical Theatre Factory

Featuring Samy Figaredo, Terran Scott, Futaba Shioda, and Geena Quintos

Music Directed by Anessa Marie

Wonder Boy
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jaime Jarrett

    Jackson is recovering from a break up, growing apart from his twin sister, and attempting to find a new normal in his identity as a transgender man.  During this tumultuous time, he craves some kind of protection for his heart.  When he ingests an experimental drug, he is transformed into Wonder Boy: a superhero who has the ability to create impenetrable force fields.  He uses his power to protect his college campus, but learns that protecting others (and himself) is more complicated than he thought.  Jackson must face his masculinity, his vulnerability, what it means to be a superhero, and what it means to care for others.

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