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When Olive Ackerbee is attacked by a monster at thirteen years old, her parents move her across the country in an attempt to leave both The Monster and the memory behind. Five years later, The Monster returns and Olive learns of a mysterious surgery she was subject to after the initial attack.  As the past she thought she escaped returns, her childhood best friend, August, helps her find a new path forward.

(You Can't) Outrun the Monster explores the tangled-ness of mental health and identity; and proposes patient, imaginative healing.

Most recently, (You Can't) Outrun the Monster was developed through Fresh Ground Pepper's Playground Playgroup and was rewarded a Spring 2022 residency at The Ucross Foundation.

Listen to the music:

Olive AckerbeeJaime Jarrett
00:00 / 04:10
What I'm Doing HereJaime Jarrett
00:00 / 06:28
Back HomeJaime Jarrett
00:00 / 03:38
The GateJaime Jarrett
00:00 / 04:26
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