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    Normativity (Book, Music, and Lyrics by J. Jarrett) tells the story of Charlie, a lesbian Young Adult novelist writing her first queer novel.  As Charlie finishes her book, Emily, the lesbian protagonist of her story literally comes to life to protest her tragic ending.  Charlie refuses to rewrite, so Emily searches for someone to help her fight for her happy ending. She finds Taylor, a dorky yet headstrong lesbian who is sick of the lack of queer representation in the media.  Together, Taylor and Emily begin to rewrite the story (and develop feelings for each other along the way).  When Charlie discovers they’ve been re-writing her story behind her back, Emily and Charlie are forced to finally listen to each other’s experiences. Through an exhilarating pop rock score and radical queerness, Normativity explores love, identity, and what it means to be out right now.

Photo: Paola Nogueras

Watch a LIVE performance of

a song from Normativity below!

"Make and Happen" featuring Lincoln Millard, Sidney Dick, and Eli Rivera

Photo: Paola Nogueras

Production Photos

Photos: Paola Nogueras
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